What to Expect at Hollywood: Your One-Step Guide

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At the end of the 19th century, Hollywood was a small city located next to Los Angeles. At the beginning of the twentieth it was annexed to the municipality of Los Angeles and in 1910 the great film producers of the USA began to arrive and decided to join in a single place, Hollywood. The growth of Hollywood in this period was extraordinary, fact that caused its union to the city of Los Angeles and became one more district of the great city. Get your tickets at www.airpaz.com to get discounts on your air ticket!

What to See in Hollywood?

Walk of Fame

If you visit the Walk of Fame, watch out not to trip over anyone. And it is that once there, you cannot avoid looking at the ground! This avenue of Hollywood is known internationally since it is the place where the great stars of Hollywood leave their mark. This tradition dates back to 1958 when Hollywood commissioned Weismuller to remodel the city. It is said that he was inspired to create the Walk of Fame when actress Constance Talmadge unintentionally stepped on a newly cemented area and left her mark on the ground. This is how the tradition began. More than 2,000 stars were deposited on the ground, but in 1994 they had to extend the patio because they had already filled them all.

Qué Visitar en Hollywood, Grauman: Grauman Chinese Theater

If you are going to see Hollywood, you will surely visit the Grauman Chinese Theater. This magnificent building built in 1927 is the father of the first legends of cinema. Recently reformed, the Chinese Theater always makes the premieres of Hollywood movies . It is possible to make a visit inside, anyway, if you have little time we recommend going to visit other more interesting sites of Hollywood. Actually, inside you only go to see the theater, which may be curious for all Hollywood fans, but nothing surprising either.

Guía para Visitar Hollywood: Hollywood & Highland

This shopping and entertainment complex is located on the busiest intersection in Hollywood, at the corner of the Boulevard and Highland Avenue. More than 65 stores, 26 restaurants, bowling alleys, cinemas, nightclubs and red carpet events , is a place you cannot miss if you like the world of the stars . It is essential to visit its interior patio.

Turismo, que Visitar Hollywood: Hollywood History Museum

At number 1660 North Highland Avenue you will find this interesting museum full of objects from the movies that have been shot in Hollywood. It is highly recommended to pay a visit to the museum, as apart from dresses, jewelry and attrezzo, you can see movie sets that you have seen before behind a screen.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios is one of the most fun places you can visit in Hollywood. These television and film studios have allocated half of their installations to film production and the other half to an amusement park. If you do not like attractions, you can get on the famous tram that goes through the most famous stages of Hollywood movies. Each stage is accompanied by impressive special effects. If you are one of those who like adrenaline, here you can find different attractions which recreate some of the best known Hollywood movies. However, the tickets to Universal Studios are not exactly cheap, so we recommend you purchase the Los Angeles GO Card (where it includes the entrance to Universal Studios and more attractions in the city).